Vacant Positions

The Copenhagen Center for Health Technology have the following open job positions.

Chief Software Architect

We are looking for an experienced software architect to be responsible for the technological design and development in the center. You will have a central role in managing the software infrastructure and technical aspects of the center’s activities.

As our Chief Software Architect, you will be the driving force behind the construction of a shared software platform that will service a variety of different research projects, involving academic researchers, clinicians, and patients and citizens. You will be responsible for making sure that the center’s different projects run smoothly on a single platform, and it is therefore critical that you have a 'full stack' technical perspective on both designing, developing, and operating this technical infrastructure. 

Your work will be part of the technological research in CACHET which is carried out at DTU. You will be part of a team of computer science researchers, postdocs, PhD students, and programmers at DTU Compute. You will refer directly to the director of CACHET.

Application deadline: 1st May 2018
Location: Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Please follow this link below for further details of the project and details of how to apply.

Student Programmers

CACHET is looking for skilled student programmers to work at DTU Compute. If you're a student at DTU or DIKU (Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen), please contact Jakob E. Bardram for options. You should have a strong educational background in computer science or computer engineering, but prior work experience is not a requirement. You will be working with all sorts of programming tasks depending on you profile, including:

  • cloud-based infrastructures (Docker)
  • RESTfull server infrastructure (Springboard, Java, PHP)
  • web-based development (front-end)(React)
  • mobile phone programming (Android, iPhone, React Native, Xamarin)
  • sensor collection (mobile phone sensing, wearables, activity trackers (FitBit etc.))
  • data processing & analysis (R, Python, MatLab)
  • database management (MongoDB, PostGres)
  • hardware prototyping (Arduino,...).





Jakob Eyvind Bardram
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 53 11


Claus L. Cramer-Petersen
Project Manager
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 32 74
22 APRIL 2018