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Sound & Health

Sound solutions for healthcare is an innovative growth area within diagnostics, treatment, and therapy. “Sound & Health” is a interdisciplinary project focusing on facilitating a public-private platform in order to foster new linkages between academia, health organizations, and industries for utilizing sound technologies in healthcare. 

Purpose and background

Sound solutions for healthcare is an innovative growth area that addresses one of the greater societal challenges of our time. The demand for solutions in diagnostics, treatment and therapy is growing due to e.g. demographic change and relies on truly trans-disciplinary and public-private RDI efforts. “Sound & Health” is a cross-cluster project focusing on facilitating a public-private-platform in order to foster new linkages between knowledge domains, industries and sectors with the aim of driving innovation and growth in Denmark using SOUND, ICT and OTHER relevant technologies for healthcare demands. The field of collaboration lies within the official definition of one of Europe’s most prospective emerging industries ‘Personalised Medicine’. The concentration of Danish SMEs and High growth young SMEs within the Personalised Medicine industries is high (rank 3) compared to other European countries (Emerging Industries – Extension of the European Cluster Observatory, 2013).

Furthermore, ”Sound & Health” is aligned with the vision of the national Growth Plan for Health- and Welfare Solutions concerning strengthening research and innovation, increasing public-private collaboration on market development and procurement, as well as strengthening export opportunities (Danmark i arbejde, Vækstplan for sundheds- og velfærdsløsninger, 2013). This emphasizes the unique opportunity and great potential for innovation, growth and job creation. To realize the potential support is needed.

This is the purpose of “Sound & Health”, which through a public-private-platform will enable Danish high growth SMEs to leverage ongoing research activities in application oriented technology development activities, and simultaneously test the product/service solutions in a real-life setting involving health care professionals, patients and decision makers. This will provide the involved SMEs a competitive advantage but will also benefit non-participating SMEs, the research environment and the public sector in Denmark.

Focus and scope

The end-users of the specific technological solutions central to this project are people with somatic (e.g. dementia) or psychiatric (e.g. depression) disorders. The goal is to keep this population active and
independent longer and increase quality of life while also lowering costs by supporting the development of new, safer and more effective treatments and interventions. The project focus is evidence based solutions that involve one or more of the following methods to use and exploit sound technology in a health care and welfare setting;

  • passively (e.g. by reducing discomfort/noise),
  • actively (e.g. by nudging),
  • directly (e.g. by music intervention or by listening to the human body).








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Welfare Tech
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19 JANUARY 2019