CACHET Fall seminar 2018

CACHET Fall Seminar 2018

The CACHET fall seminar held on the 26st of November 2018 at DTU.

We had 40+ participants from the CACHET network, presenters and a lot of good questions and discussions.

We had three sessions and finished off with snacks and a PhD poster session. The CACHET deployment trophy was passed on to the FitMum team for recently starting their RCT which aims to evaluate the effects of structured supervised exercise training and motivational counseling supported by health technology on physical activity level during pregnancy. 

Over- or under-diagnosis?

We had four presentations followed by a heated discussion on the topic "Over- or under-diagnosis". The technological developments within healthcare, the very basis for CACHET’s research, provides new ways of diagnosing. Is there a risk of doing harm when technologies are rapidly developed? Does the increased means of monitoring and collected health data lead to over diagnosis? Or it is necessary to push the development of technologies to better treat patients and prevent health citizens from becoming sick?

The four presentations were given by:

  • John Brodersen, Professor, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen - slides
  • Claus Ekstrøm, Professor, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen - slides
  • Lars Vedel Kessing, Chief Physician, Professor, Mental Health Services, Capital Region of Denmark - slides
  • Ole Winther, Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Technical University of Denmark

Clinical trials

We had two talks on clinical trials before a discussion focused on adaptive clinical trials which is a central issue when conducting cross-disciplinary research. For example, RCT’s leave little room for using technologies that are in continuous development. How can we design more adaptive clinical trials? How can technical and clinical research go hand in hand to achieve innovation and impact? How can we establish whether a new technology is feasible before putting it into a costly clinical trial?

The two presentations were given by:

Project madness

We had six CACHET researchers give a short presentation on their starting or ongoing projects.

The presentations were given by:

D. PhD poster session

After the seminar ends, CACHET PhDs are invited to bring posters to a session where they can present and discuss their work with CACHET faculty.


We look forward to inviting to the next CACHET seminar in the Spring of 2019!

See pictures from the seminar in gallery below.
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