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CACHET Fall Seminar 2021

The CACHET network reassembled on 8th of November 2021 for a research seminar at DTU.

Over 30 participants from the CACHET network joined together to hear keynote talks from their fellow researchers and attended a workshop which sparked further discussion.

The seminar was initiated by a welcome from the director of CACHET Jakob E. Bardram followed by PhD project presentations. The topics and presenters for the first round were as follows:

  • Stephan Sylvest Keller - InstaPatch
  • Saud Alomairah - Status on the Fitmum project
  • Lea Holritz - Pure Milk
  • Steven Jeuris - A retrospective on how software architecture can facilitate collaboration between academia and industry

After the first round of talks it was time to pass on the CACHET Deployment Challenge Trophy. Selected from several nominations, the CACHET Deployment Trophy was awarded to the Listen Care-fully project represented by Alix Feldman. The Listen Care-fully project has been deploying VR/gaze-tracking and specially developed procedures and hearing technology in a clinical setting. Over the last 2.5 years, the technology has been deployed and people have been tested in a clinical setting, including 8 patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and 15 healthy participants.

Then it was time to the keynote talk by Nicola Dragoni: Click Here to Kill the Patient - The Dark Side of Digital Health. Afterwards the participants were divided into five groups to engage in a workshop which included three activities:

  1. Talk about the different challenges they face in their field of research
  2. Identify the two biggest challenges and a corresponding solution
  3. Common talk and debate about the biggest challenges and possible solutions

The second round of PhD presentations included the following topics and presenters: 

  • Darius Rohani - Mood disorder and its effect on voice
  • Carolina Duarte - Designing sustainable behavioural change to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in nursing homes

The CACHET seminar ended with closing remarks by Jakob E. Bardram. The majority of the participants finished the day with a joint dinner at Meyers Spisehus in Lyngby.

We look forward to inviting to the next CACHET seminar in the Spring of 2022!
See pictures from the seminar in the gallery below.

CACHET Fall Seminar 2021 organisers:

Jakob E. Bardram, Director CACHET
Sofie Nihøj-Damgaard, student assistant CACHET
6 JULY 2022