Cachet Seminar Spring 2018

CACHET Spring Seminar 2018

The CACHET Spring seminar held on the 19th of March 2018 In Mærsk Tårnet.

We had 70+ participants from the CACHET network, 9 presenters and a lot of good questions and discussions.

Presentations from the day:


Jakob E. Bardram, Director, CACHET: “Status and update on CACHET” – also introducing the ‘CACHET in Profile 2018’ report

Guest talk

Tanja Danner, Director Public & Healthcare, NNIT: “SIRI commission recommendation on the future healthcare system"

CACHET project presentations:

Tobias Andersen, Associate Professor, DTU Compute: Biometric Healthcare Research Platform (BHRP) project

Jonas Bak, Research Assistant, CACHET, PMR-C, & Ulrik Borch, CEO InjuryMap: “Development and test of rehabilitation app for ankle injuries” (CHS collaboration)

Niels de Fine Olivarius, Professor, Dept. of Public Health, UCPH: "The Phy-Psy Trial. A cluster randomised, parallel-group, 5-year trial of coordinated, co-produced care to reduce the excess mortality of patients with severe mental illness by improving the treatment of their comorbid physical conditions

Session on dementia:

Nanna Skriver, Head of Center, Health and Care Administration, City of Copenhagen: “Challenges and perspectives on dementia in municipalities

Ruth Frikke-Schmidt, Chief Physician, Rigshospitalet, Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department, Dept. of Clinical Medicine, UCPH: “Vascular and genetic risk factors for dementia

Julia Rosemary Thorpe, PhD student, DTU Management Engineering: “Engineering better health and care

We look forward to inviting to the next CACHET seminar in the Autumn of 2018!

See pictures from the seminar in gallery below.
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