Presentation Day 2021

Wednesday 24 Nov 21


Torsten Dau
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 39 77
On November 12, Hearing Systems invited collaboration partners, colleagues and alumni for this year’s Presentation Day to give an overview of the activities in the research group. The event took place at the laboratory building and attracted approximately 40 guests during the afternoon.

Torsten Dau, Head of Hearing Systems, gave an introduction of the research group and the activities.
The PhD students and Postdocs presented their current activities and research projects through eight talks (grouped into three sessions: “Imaging the ear and EEG correlates of perception”, “Behavioral measures of normal and impaired hearing” and “Machine learning approaches to speech processing in complex environments”) and 16 posters.

Torben Poulsen, retired professor from Hearing Systems and the Acoustic Technology group, was once again fascinated by the many ongoing activities in the group and the researchers' ability to explain complex scientific material in a short time:

“ I am very impressed by the many different collaboration partners: Universities, hospitals, external partners, Torben Poulsen said and added:
“ It is also amazing to see how the different topics are presented by the young researchers. Even though there are many different topics and research directions, they are correlated in the end and there is an impressive structure about it all. That’s probably also the reason why it is such a success with all the ongoing projects in the group,” he concluded.

During the breaks, it was possible to attend the different poster sessions and network. Several PhD graduates from the group, many of whom now are working in different companies, related to hearing research, turned up at the occasion. Johannes Käsbach took his PhD in the group some years ago and is now a researcher at GN Resound:
“This feels like a Reunion. It seems like the Hearing Systems section is managing excellent with all the many ongoing projects and disciplines. This is fantastic to watch and also still be a part of, “ Johannes Käsbach said.

"Even though there are many different topics and research directions, they are correlated in the end and there is an impressive structure about it "
Torben Poulsen

There was very positive and engaged atmosphere at the event. Torsten Dau emphasized in the end how valuable these presentation days are also for Hearing Systems because this is a platform particularly for the young researchers to present themselves and their exciting research to our most important collaborators and network partners.

1) Head of Hearing Systems Torsten Dau welcomed all the guests and gave an overview of the current activities in the group.
2) PhD students Florine Bachmann, Jonatan Regev and Sam Watson
3) Senior Researcher Jens Bo Nielsen with head of the newly established "Copenhagen Hearing and Balance Center" Mads Klokker
4) PhD student Sam Watson with research assistant Kirsten Jensen
5) Torben Poulsen, former professor in the Acoustic Technology group was quite impressed once again.
6) Former PhD student from the Hearing Systems Section Johannes Käsbach
7) The poster “A new laboratory for research on conversational dynamics” attracted many participants
8) Research Assistant Ingvi Örnolfsson is explaining the poster to Johannes Käsbach, now employed in GN Resound.
9) Industrial PhD student Sinnet Greve Bjerge Kristensen (in silhuette to the right) was awarded the first prize for best student presentation at the International Evoked Response Audiometry Study Group conference earlier this year.

Photos: Sam Watson, Eva Helena Andersen

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