Hearing Systems represents DTU in Euro Tech video

Monday 09 Dec 13

Did you know

That the Danish hearing aid industry is supplying hearing aid for half of the hearing aid users in the world.
And every year about 11 millions hearing aids are being sold by approved manufacturers.

In unique cooperation with industry, Hearing Systems is featured in a film produced for Euro Tech, the European Universities Alliance, facilitating cooperation between four European universities and the industry.

”There are three major hearing aid companies: GN ReSound, Oticon and Widex (three out of six major companies in the world) and we do cooperate a lot in order to support each other and also inspire each other finding solutions to help the hearing impaired people in society, ” says Torsten Dau, Head of Centre for Applied Hearing Research, DTU.
The partners in the Euro Tech University alliance are working together in order to solve some of the global problems. All four universities have a long tradition of close collaboration with the industry. Through the years this collaboration has brought magnificent and innovative results that have benifited society.
The Centre for Applied Hearing Research at DTU was established in 2003, and is funded and supported by several Danish hearing aid compagnies.
”The cooperation with DTU is in my opinion quite fundamental in our success. You can not underestimate the importance of working well with institutions like DTU,” says Finn Möhring, Vice-precident R&D Hearing instruments, Oticon

Watch the Euro Tech film (five minutes)

"The cooperation with DTU is quite fundamental in our success"
Finn Möhring, Oticon

The Euro Tech Alliance

The EuroTech Universities alliance is committed to finding technical solutions to the grand challenges of society.
As a forum for designing guiding themes for research, education, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship, the alliance will engage in policy definition with the stakeholders of society.

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