Improving Personalized Healthcare

Demographic changes and changing lifestyle pose significant challenges to healthcare systems across the globe. At the same time, rapid technological progress in embedded, mobile, and wearable sensors and systems provide unprecedented opportunities for the design of radically new types of personalized health technologies.

The Copenhagen Center for Health Technology (CACHET) brings together top universities, leading research institutions, care organizations, and healthcare companies, with a clear vision to;

“... promote and support healthy living, active ageing, and chronic disease prevention and management through personalized health technology.”

The strategic objective is to strengthen interdisciplinary and cross-organizational research and development within personalized health technology. Through evidence-based technological research, CACHET will create the foundation for novel health technologies and products for the benefit of citizens and society in general.

CACHET is inaugurated as a strategic partnership between the Capital Region of Denmark, the City of Copenhagen, the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, and the Technical University of Denmark. We work with a wide range of sponsors, academic partners, innovation networks, and companies to achieve our goals.

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About cachet

The goals of CACHET are twofold; (i) to provide personalized health technologies that empower users to live independent, safe, and healthy lives, and (ii) strengthening the Danish healthcare industry to deliver such personalized health technologies.


Jakob Eyvind Bardram
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 53 11
15 APRIL 2024