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This page provides an overview of the different technological resources that CACHET is providing.

CACHET provide currently three type of resources for researchers:

  • CACHET Research Platform (CARP) – CARP is an open-source programming framework and cloud-based infrastructure for digital phenotyping. CARP provide the basic building blocks for most of the technology being designed and developed in CACHET and the studies we engage in. Please see the CARP website for much more information, including how to use CARP.
  • CACHET Survey Server – In order to comply to GDPR, CACHET runs its own survey server which can be used by CACHET researchers to run simple surveys. Please contact us if you want to be added to the survey server and use it in your research.
  • CACHET Data Sets – We try to share the data from our different studies for other researchers to use and make further analysis on. 
18 MAY 2024