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Data Driven User Experience for Personalizing Hearing Health Care - PhD Defence

Tuesday 04 Jun 19



Tobias Andersen
Associate professor
DTU Compute
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What is good User Experience? How do we measure it? How do we quantify it?

User Experience is not only about "getting the job done". User Experience is about creating memorable interactions with technology, products, and services. It's about creating pleasant experiences and journeys. It's about creating emotional and affective bonds, while the user interacts with services or products. 
We need ways of implementing user experience in health care to address the lack of clinical resources. Inspired by the 4Ps of medicine, this thesis tries to address the participatory and personalized perspective. 
A UX framework, named data-driven UX is proposed to highlight how patient generated data creates value in a clinical workflow. The framework highlights how UX methodology and tools can be applied to a health care domain, hearing health care. Hypotheses are validated early, frequently and iterative through rapid prototyping. 
Hearing aids are used as contextual aware devices that collect data. The contextual data shows that individuals have unique behavioral patterns related to program and volume interactions. These individual nuances are not taken into account with the current hearing aid fitting paradigm. It is also shown that individual behavior can be modeled from contextual parameters, including acoustic environments, location, and motion. This data can be used to personalize hearing aids of the future. 
Using the data actively in clinical sessions, to debrief patients, help with recall and to highlight behavioral traits, addressing participatory health care. To engage the patient, the interface to the medical device must be compelling. Thoughts on designing medical device interfaces, by addressing mental models, and using metaphors and micro-interaction. 
In the end, some considerations of the future of personalized hearing health care are proposed.

PhD student: Benjamin Johansen

Principal supervisor: Associate Professor Jakob Eg Larsen

Co-supervisor: Senior Scientist Michael Kai Petersen


  • Associate Professor Per Bækgaard, Compute, DTU, DK
  • Professor Stefania Serafin, Aalborg University, DK
  • Senior Lecturer Mark Dunlop, University of Strathclyde, Uk

Chairman: Associate Professor Tobias Andersen

17 OCTOBER 2019