01 SEP

Development of a Sensor-Based Behavioral Monitoring Solution to Support Dementia...

A recent study shows the feasibility of using wearable and mobile technology for dementia monitoring over extended periods and in people everyday life.

Information technology Medicine and medico technology
19 JUL

Can fitness trackers improve life expectancy of elders?

A systematic review and meta-analysis show that physical activity monitors enhance amount of physical activity in older adults

18 JUN

How can individuals in wheelchairs get access to virtual reality?

Individuals may use their wheelchair to play VR games, explore three-dimensional, visual worlds and take part in virtual social events, even if they do not master the hand...

04 JUN

Data Driven User Experience for Personalizing Hearing Health Care - PhD Defence...

What is good User Experience? How do we measure it? How do we quantify it?

25 MAR

CACHET in Profile 2019

The Copenhagen Center for Health Technology (CACHET) have released the "CACHET in Profile 2019" report, which reports on research, research training, innovation in society...

07 DEC

Can computers diagnose cardiac diseases?

Applications of the growing Big Data, Machine/Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence fields show the potential impact and importance of these fields for solving real...

Medicine and medico technology Data analysis Information technology Health and diseases
01 NOV

Predicting Mood with almost 90% Accuracy

One of the largest studies of depression and bipolar disorder involving more than 120 patients have shown, that mood changes can be predicted with a very high accuracy...

Medicine and medico technology Information technology
07 SEP

Is there a correlation between e.g. location and depression?

A recent systematic review of more than 3500 scientific publications has investigated whether these many studies agree on the relationship between depressive symptoms and...

Health and diseases Information technology
09 JUL

Team of CACHET researchers reach finals in Stanford Medicine X competition

Physical activity, sleep and cognitive function: Clinical pilot study on crowd-sourced mHealth for cognitive rehabilitation

Health and diseases Medical equipment and systems
05 JUL

Strong support for DTU Health Technology

DTU receives strong support for establishing a new department with focus on health technology. Both from within the University and from existing and potential partners...
23 JANUARY 2020