Research model

The flexible research model of CACHET

CACHET is hosting and affiliated with a wide range of research projects and has a very flexible research model.

CACHET is initiating, co-funding, hosting, and affiliated with a wide range of different research projects in a heterogeneous research ecology, as illustrated above. Each project involves technology and medical researchers, clinicians, healthcare personnel, as well as a wide range of patients, citizens and other end-users.

CACHET projects are characterized by being:

  • Focused on the design, development, and evaluation of personalized health technology
  • Interdisciplinary across the medical and technological sciences
  • Application focused and grounded in end-user organizations (like nursing homes or hospitals)
  • Innovative by developing new solutions for the healthcare system and/or new products for companies

The research in CACHET is organized around a set of evolving Research Themes. Within each research theme, a set of more dedicated and focused Research Projects are hosted in the center.

CACHET apply a research methodology named evidence-based technology research. This means that technology research, design, and development goes hand-in-hand with clinical research into the evidence of the technology in terms of health efficacy and/or efficiency.How many
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