Research Themes

elderly woman sitting on a bench

Active Ageing

As the world's population grows older, the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease will increase with the number of elderly – in fact the number of people with dementia will nearly double every 20 years. In this research theme, we investigate novel organizational and technological solutions for supporting elderly citizens to live an independent, healthy, and safe life.

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Motivating Physical Activity

Physical activity is a powerful enhancer of health – both physical and mental health. In this theme, we research methods and technologies for motivating and sustaining physical activity across a wide range of health conditions.

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Mental Health

Mental Health is the fastest growing health concern worldwide and WHO estimates that mental health will become the leading cause of disability in 2030. In this theme we investigate approaches to improve mental health for all citizens in a daily context.  

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Managing Diabetes

Today 382 million people – 8.3% of the adult population – suffer from diabetes worldwide and according to WHO, diabetes is the 8th leading cause of death. At the same time, self-management of diabetes has become very successful via the use of personalized health technologies for glucose monitoring and insulin delivery.  

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Healthy Heart

Cardiovascular disease kills around 1.9 million people every year in the EU and it is one of the most common medical reasons for hospitalization in adults. In this theme, we aim to design personalized health technologies that monitor heart patients and motivate them to adhere to treatment regimes and adopt healthy lifestyles.


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