iCAT being tested
04 NOV

ICAT Validation Study Published

The Internet Based Cognitive Assessment Tool (ICAT) is a web-based self-administered objective screening tool for remote testing of cognitive functioning.

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CAG Brain and Technology
24 MAY

Greater Copenhagen Health Science Partners Launches New Clinical Academic Group...

The Greater Copenhagen Health Science Partners are launching a new Clinical Academic Group, titled "Brain and Technology" within which CACHET is a key partner.

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old woman
19 JAN

Developing new technology for monitoring heart rhythm is a collaborative effort

In the project REAFEL, cardiologists, general practitioners (GPs), health tech researchers and engineers have gained from collaborating with each other during their efforts...

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Foto Simon Fulgø
06 JAN

Intelligent alarm system helps Danish Covid-19 patients

A group of Danish researchers from Rigshospitalet, Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital and DTU Health Tech have developed a unique patient surveillance system with...

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13 NOV

DTU Health Tech Highlights iPDM-GO Project In Light of World Diabetes Day

In light of World Diabetes Day, DTU Health Tech has highlighted the Integrated Personalised Diabetes Management Goes Europe (iPDM-GO) Project and CACHETs involvement as...

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30 JUN

Smartphone Self-Assessments Can Be Used To Estimate Clinical Ratings of Depression...

Clinical rating scales are the golden standard for assessing the severity of depressive and manic symptoms in patients with bipolar disorder. However, they are time consuming...

Medicine and medico technology
19 JUN

The Ubiquitous Cognitive Assessment Tool for Smartwatches: Design, Implementation...

Novel smartwatch-based cognitive tests are shown to be as valid as the standard computer-based tests. Cognitive domains including memory, attention, and executive skills...

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Aktivt ældreliv
29 APR

Criterion Validity of Four Consumer Available Physical Activity Monitors Among...

Consumer-grade physical activity monitors (PAMs) can potentially replace more expensive research-grade PAMs in situations where the level of physical activity should be...

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people walking a dog by the ocean
20 APR

Launch of new App for Collection of Pulmonary Health Symptoms

The Copenhagen Center for Health Technology have launched a new app for collection of respiratory data. This is to be used for building artificial intelligence approaches...

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31 MAR

New Project To Develop Hybrid Neuroprosthesis For Rehabilitation

The ReHyb project will develop a hybrid upper-limb exoskeleton that uses its own sensing and novel actuation capabilities for generating the digital twin of the user.

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