cachet aims to provide personalized health technologies that empower users to live independent, safe, and healthy lives, and to strengthen the Danish healthcare industry to deliver such personalized health technologies.

An orientation toward innovation permeates all of cachet’s activities.

Below are descriptions of how cachet works with different aspects of innovation.

Evidence-based, cross-disciplinary research

For all research projects, both technical-, health- and clinical researchers participate to ensure that the right competences are present for creating new and appropriate solutions for municipalities and hospitals. To ensure a focus on application, projects involve companies that have the capabilities to develop, mature and commercialize new technologies and solutions. Finally, projects involve the healthcare sector to ensure that actual needs and problems facing citizens, patients and healthcare personnel are addressed and that implementation of technologies improves the healthcare system.

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Supporting industry growth

cachet engages in projects that respond to the needs of companies working to create growth in the region by coordinating a multitude of collaborations between researchers and the healthcare industry.  These types of activities primarily take place through the Copenhagen Healthtech Solutions (CHS) programme in close collaboration with Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster.

  • Read more about the CHS programme, on-going SME-researcher collaborations and opportunities for taking part in the project here

Supporting healthcare innovation

cachet is part of an eco-system with Copenhagen Health Innovation (CHI) and Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster (CHC). Together, the three organisations aim to promote and support healthcare innovation by ensuring evidence-based research (cachet), the competences necessary for the future of healthcare system (CHI) and the conditions necessary for commercial growth (CHC).

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  • See highlights from the 2017 conference on 'innovation as a driving force in the Danish healthcare system' here

Analysis of healthcare technology challenges and opportunities in Denmark

cachet has taken a central role in a recent ‘health check’ of Danish health technologies, resulting in insights and trends identified for the technological development in the sector, and proposing a set of six recommendations for the sector as a whole.

  • Read the report here


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