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Innovation in Society

Translational research and innovation in healthcare and society for the benefits of patients and citizens are the starting and ending points in CACHET.

The core health research topics of CACHET are centred on prevention, treatment and self-management of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, dementia and mental illness. Chronic diseases now account for two-thirds of the Danish healthcare costs, and, according to WHO, chronic diseases make up the largest burden of disease.

CACHET is part of an eco-system with Copenhagen Health Innovation (CHI) and Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster (CHC). Together, the three organisations aim to promote and support healthcare innovation by ensuring evidence-based research (CACHET), the competencies necessary for the future of healthcare system (CHI) and the conditions necessary for commercial growth (CHC).
This eco-system allows for research-based initiatives to go from being an idea to becoming products or services available for patients and citizens.

CACHET also works towards supporting and connecting researchers, students, NGOs, private- and public-sector together in solving the healthcare challenges of today.

In the video below Jakob E. Bardram, Director of CACHET, talks about the research focus of CACHET and what is changing in healthcare systems.

Below are examples of CACHET's activities with innovation in society:
21 JUNE 2024