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Greater Copenhagen Health Science Partners Launches New Clinical Academic Group for Brain and Technology

Monday 24 May 21


Jakob Eyvind Bardram
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 53 11
The Greater Copenhagen Health Science Partners are launching a new Clinical Academic Group, titled "Brain and Technology" within which CACHET is a key partner.

The Greater Copenhagen Health Science Partners (GCHSP) is launching a new Clinical Academic Research Group (CAG) with the title "Brain and Technology" (BAT). The BAT CAG aims to improve diagnostics, monitoring and treatment of patients suffering from neurological disorders using digital technologies close to the patient (eDevices), BIG DATA and artificial intelligence (AI)

Neurological disorders are responsible for around 12 per cent of the Danish healthcare expenditure and represent a fifth of the total healthcare burden. The number of patients suffering from neurological disorders is increasing alongside the ageing population and increase in patients with lifestyle disorders and multiple diseases. Most patients suffering from neurological disorders experience cognitive difficulties even in the early stages of the disease, which may mean that they are unable to react to the disorder. E.g., patients may not notice symptoms of epileptic seizures, the result being that they never get the right treatment or do not receive treatment in time. Earlier disease detection and preventive medicine can improve neurological patients’ quality of life and enable them to work and be socially active.

Our involvement

CACHET is a partner within this CAG, where we aim to apply our expertise in shaping and strengthening eDevices in clinical practice and patients’ everyday lives. The knowledge produced in the CAG will be translated into treatment and educational standards, improving the digital competences of health professionals and developing and communicating guidelines for using said eDevices.

The BAT CAG takes brain and technology research to the next level – from proof-of-concept to knowledge-based testing. The CAG presents a cross-disciplinary research collaboration between engineers, clinicians, basic research, public health and the social sciences, between clinical practice, research and patient and across neurological areas such as rehabilitation, epilepsy and sensory disabilities.

Read more about the CAGs launch here.

What are CAGs?

A CAG is an academic clinical research group, which consist of researchers and clinicians from the universities and hospitals.

A CAG contributes to the health sector with new research and increased quality within the field of clinical practice. This will be achieved through a strong professional network with a joint strategic aim across healthcare settings from the universities and the Regions.

To read more about GCHSP and their CAGs, click here.

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