Depression, person sleeping in sofa with a hoodie and blanket

Case: Reducing readmission of patients with depression or bipolar disorder

Depression and bipolar disorder impose a very high societal burden in terms of cost, lost productivity, morbidity, suffering and mortality. Patients with depression or bipolar disorder are more frequently hospitalised than any other psychiatric patient group, being responsible for 20% of all psychiatric hospitalisations. This project will design, develop, and provide clinical evidence for the use of a smartphone-based monitoring and intervention technology, which has the potential to reduce the rate of readmission by 50% and improve health outcome, quality of life, and empowerment for patients with depression or bipolar disorder.

  • 2/3 of all costs in psychiatry is related to hospitalisation, and is estimated to 648 MDKK annually in Denmark
  • the aim of RADMIS is to reduce the rate of re-admission by 50%
  • the Monsenso system is an intelligent monitoring and treatment platform for mental health
27 JANUARY 2023