CACHET profile 2019

CACHET in Profile 2019

Monday 25 Mar 19


Jakob Eyvind Bardram
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 53 11


Download the "CACHET in profile 2019" report.
The Copenhagen Center for Health Technology (CACHET) have released the "CACHET in Profile 2019" report, which reports on research, research training, innovation in society and industry collaboration during 2017-18.

The Copenhagen Center for Health Technology (CACHET) is an interdisciplinary research center with a vision to promote and support healthy living, active ageing and chronic disease prevention and management through personalised health technology. CACHET has been founded as a strategic partner- ship between the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen, City of Copenhagen and the Capital Region of Denmark. Our activities in research training, industrial innovation and healthcare innovation rest on a solid foundation of world-class research.

Excellent research

CACHET hosts and initiates a wide range of interdisciplinary research projects at the intersection of the technical and medical sciences, all of which take their outset in specific healthcare challenges in the Danish society. By coupling a user-centered research and innovation process with solid academic knowledge, the research focuses on application and impact.

Research training

The CACHET PhD programme funds and trains the health technology researchers of the future. Our competitive PhD programme is designed to foster problem-oriented, interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial research. Be it in academia, industry, society in general or in the clinic, these researchers will be the frontrunners in developing the technology-based healthcare model of the future.

Industrial innovation

Most of CACHET’s research is done with our more than 25 industrial partners. There is a strong focus on translating research into more than new technologies and products for commercial growth in the Danish life science industry. The CACHET innovation programme helps companies to work with top-class researchers in a flexible and pragmatic way.

Societal and healthcare innovation

By addressing major health challenges in the Danish society, CACHET research starts and ends with social innovation.
CACHET works to translate research into new technologies and healthcare services for the benefit of patients and the Danish healthcare system.
This booklet is made in order to provide an overview and status of the research, training and innovation of CACHET
as it were at the beginning of 2019.

Table of content

- Welcome
- Timeline of CACHET activities
- Research
- Research training
- Innovation in society
- Supporting industry
- Project funding
- Partners
- Events
- About CACHET
- PhD projects
- Selected publications

Enjoy the reading.

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