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EyeTell: a Camera-based System for Eye-typing

Typing on an iPad using only your eyes

EyeTell: a Camera-based System for Eye-typing

EyeTell is a prototype for camera-based calibration-free eye-typing. It can find applications in an on-the-go communication system for people with severe disabilities, and its compatibility with commercial Apple devices which allows for easy integration in daily lives.

What should you do?

The task is on eye-typing on an iPad.

Who can participate?

Individual irrespective of age, gender, race, religion or ethnical background, who speaks Danish fluently.
The experiment can only be performed in Danish.

Who cannot participate?

Individuals with a past severe head injury, like concussion, affecting the ability to sit and focus at a point for a long time.

Time Duration

The experiment will take approximately 2 hours.

Economy and Compensation

The program and the study is funded partly by the Bevica Foundation and partly by the Technical University of Denmark.
The participants will be compensated with DKK 200 (DKK 100 per hour).

Informed Consent

You can read the consent form before starting with the experiment, and are free to withdraw from further experiments at any time during the study.

Who will have access to your information?

The Technical University of Denmark is responsible for your data. All data is collected and stored without saving the name of the participant. The data stored is subject to the EU Data Protection Directive (GDPR).

Only information about your experiment results can be disclosed to you, once the analysis is performed.

The data is used only for research purposes.

If you are interested in participating in the experiment please contact Tanya at taba@dtu.dk.

12 JULY 2024