Privacy Policy

The purpose is to investigate how the use of the DiaFocus system can improve life quality and diabetes management for people with type 2 diabetes.

This use of the DiaFocus app is subject to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Technical University of Denmark is the data controller.

The DiaFocus app can only be used by participants already invited to use it and who have been given credentials to log into an account. Participants must be 18 years or older.

The following data is being collected in the DiaFocus app:

  • Demographic information: Age, health status (like smoking, exercise, diet and drinking habits), gender, height, weight
  • Diabetes information: Blood glucose levels
  • Behavioral information: Step counts, sleep duration, activity, location, weather at location, noise level in your vicinity, nearly Bluetooth devices and usage of phone
  • Surveys: Health-related surveys on your life style, emotional distress, well-being, food habits, sleep patterns, depression and anxiety, and medication habits.

All collected data is stored on secure private cloud servers operated by the Technical University of Denmark. Servers are located in the EU. The data is transmitted encrypted to the server and stored encrypted on the server.

The app features an informed consent flow, where we ask the user's permission to collect and use the data for scientific purposes. The data will be used by researchers to understand the relationship between health behavior and activity, wellbeing and emotional state to management of type-2 diabetes mellitus.

Data will be shared within the research group which consists of:

  • Department of Health Technology, Technical University of Denmark
  • Steno Diabetes Center, Capital Region of Denmark

Data may be preprocessed and shared more widely with the research community at a later stage, in an anonymized form.


Users can stop using DiaFocus and delete it at any time without any consequences. Please consult the Research Data Management of the Technical University of Denmark for further general information about data mangement. Any GDPR and privacy policy questions can be addressed to the Data Processing Officer (DPO) at the Technical University of Denmark; Ane Sandager at


The app does not offer any medical advice and only collects data for research. Data is not used commercially and is used solely for research purposes. Incidental findings will not be fed back to participants or other parties.
27 JANUARY 2023